How to Choose Carpet to Suit Your Family and Lifestyle

Selecting carpet for your home can be a challenge when you have so many factors to consider. If you’re shopping around to find just the right carpet options to suit the size of your family and the type of lifestyles that apply, then you’ll need to think carefully.

Putting in new carpet is no small task which is why you want to make sure it’s done right the very first time. Otherwise you may end up with something that can’t stand up to the challenge of a home with moderate to high foot traffic and an elevated likelihood of spills and accidents.

Therefore, before you hit the carpet store and flip through page after page of carpet samples take some time to consider the most important determining factors that go into choosing the right kind of carpet for your home. If you make some smart decisions ahead of time, you’ll be able to phase out certain colors and patterns for an easier time of choosing from fewer options.


Sure most people may select the color of carpet they want based on interior design aesthetic and decor, but if you’re dealing with a house full of people at all times you’re going to want to think about how that particular color will be affected by high rates of foot traffic.

You want it to match or at least complement the color scheme of the room in which the carpet is being installed; however, you should also think about how often the room is used. If it’s a popular common area that gets plenty of routine use by all members of the family, then you’re going to want to think about going with a color that won’t show signs of heavy use.

Spills and accidents are also a factor and white or bright carpets can reveal evidence of stains that didn’t fully come out more readily than darker carpets. The latter option is better at concealing the mistakes of the past and when there are younger children in the home, you always need to take messes into consideration.

Installation Location

Getting back to the room in which you’re placing the carpet, there are other factors to keep in mind. Carpeting can have a substantial impact on changing the look and feel of any room and the type of carpet you select should be decided upon with this in mind.

How large is the room in which you’ve decided to install your carpet? Size matters with carpeting and the color or pattern you select. Brighter colors and hues can make a room appear bigger than usual, darker colors and patterns can bring a room closer together.

Location is also a factor in the amount of foot traffic the room will receive. Some rooms are better suited for certain types of carpet colors and manufacturing features than others simply because the carpet will get more use.

You’re likely going to need protective features such as stain resistant coatings and fibers in those rooms where you tend to see a lot of foot traffic. Those rooms that aren’t used as often probably don’t need these safeguards for maintaining the beauty of your new carpet for the long term.


We all want the best for our money and when it comes to choosing the right carpet for your family and lifestyle, quality counts. But judging the quality of your carpet can be determined in different ways. Just because a carpet has certain types of technologically advanced features doesn’t necessarily means it’s a better carpet than another one.

You can find a quality carpet that has strong fibers and a good weave without paying extra for all of the marketing gimmicks that might sound useful but really aren’t at the end of the day. Stain-resistance is always a great idea for small and large families alike, especially those with pets. But think about whether you really need that additional feature considering the room that you’re installing it in.

Always look for strong, reliable, and long-lasting options, just don’t be fooled into thinking that all of the fancy buzzwords and manufacturing gimmicks mean you’ll necessarily get a better product. It’s not the case in every instance.

But whatever type of carpet you end up getting, be sure to call the experts at Chem-Dry for your professional carpet cleaning needs. Most carpet manufacturers suggest having your carpet deep-cleaned at least once a year and carpet warranties might be voided without an annual cleaning.