Signs of Bed Bugs

How many horror stories have you heard of people staying in hotels that are infested with bed bugs? Bed bugs are easily one of the grossest type of insects that can live inside of your home. Bed bugs are not only discussing, but they also could cause a lot of irritation to people’s skin and body. There are signs that you should be able to watch for and be aware of in order to make sure that you never put yourself in a situation where there are bed bugs.

Spots on the Sheets

But it must find signs of bed bugs, or small black dots on the sheets. Brace yourself, because this is disgusting. You have to know that bed bugs are going to need to poop somewhere. Because bed bugs like to live in your bed, where they can feast on your blood while you sleep, they are also going to have to poop. You should always check your sheets before you sleep in a hotel bed. If you notice that there are small black specks on the sheets, you should be aware that there is a good chance of their bed bugs living in that mattress. Simply looking further into the sheets, and bedding you should be able to tell if there are bed bugs living there.

Red Bites

Well in an ideal world, you would catch a bed bug infestation before they were able to bite your legs, it’s not likely. One of the most telling signs that you have bed bugs, is small red bites on your body. If you start to notice that you have small itchy red dots, you should look further to see if there are bed bugs living in your mattress. These bites are usually very small, and also itchy. If you have ever had hives before comment they look a lot like a bedbug bite. You’re usually not going to only have one bed bug bite, as it is likely that there are many bedbugs living inside of your mattress.

What Should I do?

If you think you have found bed bugs inside of your home, or in a hotel, it’s very vital what you do in the next hours.  Bed bugs are known for traveling quickly, and catching the right on anything that they can. If you happen to be staying in a hotel when you notice the bedbugs, you need to be sure not to take your suitcase into your home. It is extremely likely that the bed bugs got inside of your suitcase while it was on the floor of the hotel. You should look into ways that you can make sure that the bed bugs are completely removed before you take your clothing back into your home.

If the bed bugs that you have found her inside of your home, you Need to be sure that you are not carrying the bed bus into other rooms. It seems like a good idea to sleep in another room if there are bed bugs in your home. However, this is not the best I did. If you take any of your belongings into the other room if you, it is likely that there are bed bugs living in them. Your pillow, your blanket, your pajamas, anything that you take into another room could possibly be giving a bedbug a ride. The best thing to do is to call a pest control company immediately to come in a situation and see how bad it is. But, do not take the bedbugs into another room in order for them to move into another mattress.